Greens and Vegetables

A Nextfood farm can simulate the perfect conditions for every plant. The Nextfood Grow System controls light, water, nutrients and other climatic factors, and thereby creating the optimal environment for the plant, so that levels of vitamins and other antioxidants are as high as they come. 

Greens and vegetables start losing nutrients within 24 hours of being harvested. Once they are picked, their enzymes start decomposing and they begin to feed on their own nutrients, leaving less for the person eating it. The  fresher they are the more nutritious they will be. So not only are Nextfood hyper fresh greens crispier and incredibly flavourful, they are also healthier.

Most produce from traditional farming is harvested before it’s fully ripe so it can make the trip to store shelves and restaurants without rotting, often exposed to chemicals, waxes and gasses to preserve them during transportation. And during that transportation air, artificial lights and temperature changes, and this lowers the nutritional value even more.

Nextfood greens are picked at its peak ripeness, when they are most dense with nutrients. Another reason why hyper local greens and vegetables are better.  

The Nextfood Grow System can be used to grow plants that are anywhere between 2 cm and 7 meters tall. We can basically grow anything.

Our most popular greens are lettuce, basil, mint, thyme, oregano, cilantro, and parsley.

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Greens and Vegetables

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