Frequently asked questions

Below we tried to answers the typical questions about Nextfood, vertical farming, business, growing etc.

Business FAQ

Q: What is Nextfood’s business model?
A: Nextfood partners with local farm operators supplying them with farm equipment, process management software and continuous support which is paid on a subscription. With plant and technology knowhow covered by Nextfood, the farm operator is free to focus on customer relations and operations.

Q: Who is this for? Who are your partners? Could I be a partner?
A: Our partners are mainly in the retail or food service (restaurants, catering, hotels, canteens etc) sectors. Typically they already own businesses in these sectors or want to operate a stand alone vertical farm selling to these sectors. However, several other industries use our systems. We are generally looking to partner with entrepreneurial businesses and individuals with solid understanding of their local food industry, who wish to operate a vertical farm as an add-on to their existing business or as a stand-alone venture.

Q: Can I buy your hardware only?
A: We only sells hardware bundled with a subscription service.

Q: Can I buy one of your systems for my home?
A: Unfortunately not, we only sell to businesses.

Growing FAQ

Q: What kind of plants do you grow?
A: We can grow any type of plant but not all is profitable. In practice we mainly grow herbs and greens at this point. That said we have grown plants from 2 cm to +10 meters in size at harvest.


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