Rasmus Bjerngaard

Co-founder CEO.

Serial entrepreneur with 11 years experience from several tech startups (Denmark + Silicon Valley) and corporates in leadership roles. 7 years in venture capital as general partner/VC in leading Nordic VC funds. Angel investor. Strong commercial experience and deep technical insight. Worked on 4 continents and travelled 70+ countries. Executive MBA (London Business School), BA.Min. Psychology, M.Sc.Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Hannes Lindal

Co-founder CTO.

25 years experience in electronics design, and software design and architecture, 10+ years in staff and technical leadership roles with local and outsourcing teams (Europe and Asia) for numerous projects. 6 years in VC backed hardware company (professional 3D printing) responsible for designing and coordinating all hardware and software development, from idea to production. Worked in India, Silicon Valley and Dubai. M.Sc.Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Kasper Daugaard


Background in finance and investment management. In 2012 started a career in tech as sales executive in ecommerce, later in IoT with home lighting technology. Co-founded a mobile gaming company and opened up office in London. Has helped raise several rounds of business angel and crowd funding. Made +85 commercial partnerships internationally.  Been consulting various tech companies and actively on the board of a few. M.Sc in International Business from Copenhagen Business School.

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