About Nextfood

Nextfood provides food professionals with an automated soilless indoor vertical farming solution ranging from small in-store systems to large automated farms. Grow highly nutritious and fresh vegetables anywhere, year round, and pick them when you need them – not a second sooner. We are particularly suited for local businesses in the culinary and retail sectors, small or large scale. No plant knowledge is required. Connection to our cloud AI ensures process automation and daily monitoring and assistance. This enables a predictable production with extremely high and consistent quality and efficiency as a result, and with very little effort.

About Nextfood
  • Taste and nutrition are second to none
  • Hyper local and minute fresh vegetables
  • 95% water saving
  • 40% less food waste
  • 75% less fertiliser
  • No pesticides or contaminants
  • No (or very little) transportation
  • Grow all year round
  • Anybody can do it
  • Significantly less CO2
  • Improved biodiversity

We provide 2 types of farms:

Nextfood in-store farms
A soilless indoor vertical green house inside the actual restaurant growing hyper fresh and exceptionally flavourful vegetables, herbs and leafy greens. Engaging guests and bringing life, light and fresh air to the room.

Nextfood vertical farms
A soilless indoor vertical farm in the city (or where you prefer it to be) producing hyper local and hyper fresh crops at a larger scale, but still in a sustainable way that reduces transportation and CO2 emissions to an absolute minimum.

We provide 2 types of farms:

Our solution addresses the rising demand for great tasting, highly nutritious, locally produced, pesticide-free vegetables from a rapidly increasing world population. We optimise nutrition and taste and we do so in a highly sustainable way, reducing water and nutrients usage, CO2 emissions, packaging, food waste, and in the long run even deforestation.

How soilless vertical farming works >

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