Anyone can grow

Our easy to use, fully automatic grow system allows anyone to grow plants without knowing anything about plants.

Our scalable system makes all the goodness of vertical farming – high quality crops grown sustainably and without pesticides – available to anyone at low startup costs.

Freshly harvested, highly nutritious and super tasty vegetables without pesticides

Precise control of the grow process and climate enables excellent quality produce. No seasons and the ability to grow in layers ensures predictable yield and high efficiency year round.

For food professionals

Nextfood is particularly suited for growing vegetables indoor e.g. at catering companies, restaurants, company canteens and food suppliers. The system is clean (grows without dirt) and inexpensive to test out at small scale.

Open source – open collaboration

We believe that everyone is better off by collaborating in building the food technology stack of the future. That is why we open sourced both hardware and software our grow system. We do that through the open source community Growstack.

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