Building and operating your vertical farm

Nextfood partners with local retailers, food service companies and vertical farmers in building and running their farms.

We provide turnkey automatic farm systems and continuous production control as a service.

Grow fresh and highly nutritious vegetables anywhere, year-round, ready to harvest seconds before served on the plate.

  • Exceptional taste and aroma
  • Hyper local and minute fresh vegetables
  • 98% water saving
  • 75% less fertiliser
  • No pesticides or contaminants
  • Highly nutritious
  • Eradicates food waste
  • No or very little transportation
  • Grown all year round
  • Made easy through automation
  • Significantly less CO2
  • Improved biodiversity


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Building and operating your vertical farm
How it works

How it works


Ranging from small in-store grow systems to large indoor farms, your Nextfood farm is located where you want it.

The farm is automatic and easy to control based on growth recipes governing light, water, nutrients, and other environmental parameters.

Come harvest, the crop will be ready in predictable quality; minute fresh, flavourful, highly nutritious and of course pesticide-free.


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Grow Anything To Perfection

Grow any natural plant using existing recipes or design your own signature taste.

For culinary purposes typical crops include herbs, leafy greens, berries, edible flowers and other small, fast growing crops where freshness and taste are particularly important.

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Grow Anything To Perfection

Clean, fresh, flavorful

Harvest year round

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